Ultra Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner iROVA KK8 (Black Color)

Ultra Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner iROVA KK8 (Black Color)

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Ultra Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner iROVA KK8 (Black Color)

Ultra Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner - iROVA KK8 (Black Color) 
Sweeps, Vacuums and Mops. Auto re-charging and daily schedule function 4 intelligent clean modes. Intelligent dust detection and spot cleaning. 

  • Benefits you will love
  • Intelligent simple one touch operation or complex scheduling and programming
  • 99.6% cleaning efficiency
  • Works on all different floor types from hard wood, tile, carpet, vinyl etc adjusting from one surface to another
  • Slim profile and footprint allows the machine to clean under furniture and in hard to reach areas with
  • only 7.5 cm in height and 29 cm diameter
  • edge cleaning brushes help clean the whole room including corners
  • Advance infrared and anti-fall sensors helps avoiding objects and stairs
  • Automated full cleaning programs or customised cleaning mode for maximum cleaning and area coverage
  • Advanced scheduling micro-computer can program desired cleaning time so vacuuming is done before you come home
  • Returns itself to the docking station for charging after finishing cleaning ensuring totally automated operation
  • Advanced display showing functions, charging status and blockage indicator for easy maintenance
  • Touch control panel for easy operation
  • Powerful long lasting battery with 90 minutes running time


  • Stairs/ Drop avoidance detector anti-fall from higher stage
  • Gentle bumper sensor for self-protection!
  • 4 intelligent clean mode: auto cleaning mode, spot  cleaning mode, edge cleaning mode, scheduling cleaning mode
  • Uses improved 2 side brushes. Cleans floor faster and better
  • Self-adjusting cleaning head automatically traverses uneven floor
  • Easily to empty bagless dust bin
  • LCD Remote Control can set all functions or move the robovac in different directions.
  • Touch screen on the robot body for simple operation
  • Automatic Self-Recharging: the machine will automatically seek charging dock when battery is low or cleaning finished.
  • Long operating time; can run for up to 90 minutes.

Main Features:

  • Easy operation design 
  • Ultra-thin body (75mm)
  • Super quiet, low noise
  • Auto Charging
  • Multi-functional remote control
  • Daily scheduling function : preset schedule as you wish
  • 4 intelligent cleaning mode ; auto, spot, edge , scheduling
  • Intelligent dust detection and spot cleaning
  • primary filters
  • Front Anti-collision and anti-drop sensitive sensors
  • Two strong side brushes make cleaning more efficiently and thoroughly

Product Specifications:-

  • Charge time ~ 3~4 hours
  • Wording time : about 90 minutes
  • Dust capacity : 0.4 Liter
  • Rated power :55W
  • Vacuum Suction : 0.5 KPA
  • Airflow :0.46 (L/S)
  • Input Voltage :100~240V
  • Output Voltage :NI-MH 14.4V
  • Battery Current : 1500 mAh
  • Cleaning speed :16.5 ~ 18.5 CM/SEC
  • Battery : 1500mAh
  • Suitable for home or office floors, woodiness floor, artificial plastic floor, waterproof carpet, ceramic tile, undercoat carpet.

Package includes:

  • iROVA KK8
  • 1 x Remote Controller 
  • 1 x Adaptor
  • 1 x Docking Station ( Charge station )
  • 2 x Side brush
  • 2 x Filter
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x  Operating manual

* Warranty 12 months on mechanism, 6 months for battery. 

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