SUNKYO Essential NS-7 7 LED Lamp Cup (240V 3W/18W)

SUNKYO Essential NS-7 7 LED Lamp Cup (240V 3W/18W)

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SUNKYO Essential NS-7 7 LED Lamp Cup (240V 3W/18W)

SUNKYO Essential LED Lamp Cup (240V 3W/18W)

Unique Features:
1. Unique integrated lens and robust lampshade design, high beam pattern definition, brightness uniformity.
2. Green environment, impact resistance, shock-proof, no lead, no mercury, no UV, no IR.
3. PMW constant current technology, high efficienct, low heat, high precision constant current, DC working, no strobe flashing, safety and reliability.
4. EM1 of the global universal index, lowest loss of line, circuit and power, good power factor, high brightness efficiency.
5. LED light source of ultra high power, high brightness; lowest attenuation of brightness, extraordinary energy saving, tremendous long life.
6. Global and wide working voltage, various and universal standard bases, easy and directly replacement.

1. Lighting for home, hotel, shopping mall, school, office, hospitals, library etc.
2. Decoration for park, arena, hotel, supermarket, festive lamp etc.


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