SUKI Snow Flying Cherry Powder-Violet (櫻姬櫻雪飛舞撲撲蜜粉)

SUKI Snow Flying Cherry Powder-Violet (櫻姬櫻雪飛舞撲撲蜜粉)

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SUKI Snow Flying Cherry Powder-Violet (櫻姬櫻雪飛舞撲撲蜜粉)



Product Features:
● 延長待妝潤澤效果更持久    (Increase the makeup to be more lasting moisturizing effect)
● 粉末超。輕。透。  (powder over -- Light -- Through)
● 潤澤透色妝     (moist transparent color makeup)
Product Specifications:
6g/個  (6g / bottle)
\Main components:
Sericite,Silica,Mica,Polymethylsilsesquioxane,Boron Nitride,Titanium Dioxide,Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate,Tocopharyl Acetat,Cyclomethicone,Dimethicone,...etc.
Product description:
請依照一般彩妝程序使用即可。 (Please follow the general make-up procedures)

                 Step 2.右旋開出粉孔 (左旋關閉粉孔)               Step 3.輕輕鋪打在臉上
                             Right handed out pink hole                          (Gently spread hit on the face)
                             (Left closed pink hole)

                 Step 4.多輕壓一次在鼻頭、額頭
                              (Gently press more than once in the nose, forehead)



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