【STARSUKI】Super Perfect Remover Pen + Eyeliner Pencil (零NG眼唇修修筆+眼線膠筆)

【STARSUKI】Super Perfect Remover Pen + Eyeliner Pencil (零NG眼唇修修筆+眼線膠筆)

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【STARSUKI】Super Perfect Remover Pen + Eyeliner Pencil (零NG眼唇修修筆+眼線膠筆)




(Super Perfect Remover Pen)

◆ 添加2大關鍵成份!修正同步保養!

◆ 補妝必備聖品!錯誤彩妝OUT!

◆ 質地透明清爽不殘留!快速卸除!

◆ 特殊圓型筆頭360度彈性貼合!

◆ 一筆修正失誤彩!妝打造完美妝效!

◆ makeup essential clergyman! Error makeup OUT! 
◆ Special round tip 360 degrees elastic fit! 
◆ refreshing texture transparent no residue! Quick Dismount! 
◆ a color correcting mistakes! Makeup to create the perfect makeup! 
◆ Adding two big key ingredients! Correction synchronization maintenance!


STARSUKI 玩眼色絲滑旋轉眼線膠筆
 (Play wink silky rotation Gel Eyeliner Pen)

◆ 玩轉時尚眼線!韓國最夯眼線膠筆!

◆ 一筆雙效!兼具眼線筆&眼彩功能!

◆ 長效持妝、抗暈配方!防水、防油!

◆ 極度顯色!精準好操控!決不失手!

◆ 旋轉式的筆狀,搭配專屬削筆器!

◆ Fun fashion eyeliner! South Korea's most ram Eyeliner Pen! 
◆ a double-effect! Both eyeliner & eye color features! 
◆ long-term holding makeup, anti-halo recipe! Waterproof, anti-oil! 
◆ extreme color! Good precise manipulation! Never missed! 
◆ Rotary pen-shaped, with exclusive pencil sharpener!


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