【STARSUKI】Natural Air Cushion (Cream*1+refill*1) [無重力清透底妝組(粉底霜x1+粉蕊x1)]

【STARSUKI】Natural Air Cushion (Cream*1+refill*1) [無重力清透底妝組(粉底霜x1+粉蕊x1)]

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【STARSUKI】Natural Air Cushion (Cream*1+refill*1) [無重力清透底妝組(粉底霜x1+粉蕊x1)]

STARSUKI 妝自然氣墊粉底霜 (Natural Air Cushion Cream)
颜色 (Colour) 01 米色 (Beige) ,02 粉色 (Pink)
規格 (Specification) 15g + 15g (refill)
功效 (Effect) 保濕,修飾 (Moisturizing, modified)
使用方法 (Usage) 基礎保養之後,使用氣墊粉撲沾取適量粉底霜輕輕按壓於臉部。
(After basic maintenance, use air cushion Apply a small amount of foundation cream puff, gently press on the face.)
建議膚質  (Recommend skin) 各類膚質皆適用 ( 可搭配 STARSUKI 偽妝好氣色飾底乳 使用效果更佳 
[All skin types are applicable (can used with STARSUKI Illuminating Face Base with better results)]

◆ 8大功效!無重力底妝一次到位!
◆ 拍、彈、壓!30秒拍出輕薄透妝
◆ 專櫃級成份!起動3階美肌模式!
◆ 海綿氣墊X彈力粉撲 = 輕裸妝
◆ Hold住保濕、保鮮力!質地細緻!
◆ 輕薄透亮!保濕貼妝不卡粉!

◆ 8 big effect! Weightless makeup a place! 
◆ shoot, bomb, the pressure! 30 seconds to shoot light through the makeup 
◆ grade ingredients! Starting the third-order Body mode! 

◆ Stretch puff sponge cushion X = light luozhuang 
◆ Hold live moisturizing, fresh force! Delicate texture! 
◆ thin translucent! Moisturizing makeup not card pink stickers!




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