【STARSUKI】Eye Shadow Cream 02 Priceless (戲色名伶幻光眼彩霜 02 紫银色)

【STARSUKI】Eye Shadow Cream 02 Priceless (戲色名伶幻光眼彩霜 02 紫银色)

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【STARSUKI】Eye Shadow Cream 02 Priceless (戲色名伶幻光眼彩霜 02 紫银色)

STARSUKI 戲色名伶幻光眼彩霜

(STARSUKI Colors Shimmering Eye Cream)

◆ 超飽和、超顯色!質地輕盈!

◆ 延展性絕佳、防水服貼超持久!

◆ 單色描繪、雙色暈染、亮粉加倍!

◆ 創造絕不失手多層次的魔幻色澤!

◆ 約會一整天也不脫妝依舊電力十足

◆ 高效防水、防油!清爽服貼!

◆ 不暈、不染、不積線!持久不脫妝

◆ super-saturated, super color! Lightweight! 
◆ excellent ductility, waterproof obedient super durable!
◆ monochrome painted, color washes, glitter doubled! 
◆ create a multi-level magic never missed color! 
◆ dating a long day full power is not Tuozhuang still 
◆ efficient waterproof, oil! Refreshing obedient! 
◆ do not faint, no dye, no plot line! Lasting makeup




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