【STARSUKI】Colors Kiss Lip Rouge (韓國進口 緋吻不可持效唇彩)

【STARSUKI】Colors Kiss Lip Rouge (韓國進口 緋吻不可持效唇彩)

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【STARSUKI】Colors Kiss Lip Rouge (韓國進口 緋吻不可持效唇彩)

STARSUKI 韓國進口 緋吻不可持效唇彩

(STARSUKI Colors Kiss Lip Rouge)

颜色 (Colour) 01 玫瑰紅 (Rose Red), 02 桃紅 (Pink), 03 鮮紅 (Red), 04 鮮橘 (Orange)
商品容量 (capacity) 4.5g
目的功效 (Function) 豐潤,保濕 (Rich, moisturizing)
商品用途 (Function) 修飾立體唇部肌膚! (Modified three-dimensional lip skin!)
生產地 (Manufactur) 韓國 Korea

◆ 韓系最IN、最繽紛的糖果唇色!

◆ 展現令人怦人新動的〝釉〞人唇色

◆ 獨家高彩綻色粉體!色澤飽和!

◆ 創新恆溫持久因子,持久不脫妝!

◆ 獨創隱形護唇膜,隱形唇部細紋!

◆ 色澤鮮明飽和!持久動人!

◆ Korean series most IN, most colorful candy lip color! 
◆ show cause thumping new people moving "glaze" human lip 
◆ exclusive high-color blossoms color powder! Color saturation! 
◆ Innovation thermostat lasting factor, lasting makeup! 
◆ Invisible Lip original film, invisible lip wrinkles! 
◆ vivid color saturation! Persistent moving!




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