Puspakom Car Inspection

Puspakom Car Inspection

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Puspakom Car Inspection

Time Saving For Your Convenience

Whatever vehicles you may send to PUSPAKOM for inspection, it is always a tedious and time-consuming affair. We can do it on your behalf so that you do not have to waste precious time.
This special door-to-door services:-
(1) ‘Express’ (RM500.00) – you can get back your vehicle in 3 hours
(2) ‘Ordinary’ (RM300.00) – it may take one whole day, we will be sent back your car to you when it is duly inspected.

(1) “特快服务” (RM500.00) – 是3小时完成车检,并把车送辆回你手上
(2) “普通服务” (RM300.00) – 在一天内完成,并把车辆交回给你。

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