Robotic Vacuum Cleaner XR-210E with front sensor & LED screen

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner XR-210E with front sensor & LED screen

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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner XR-210E with front sensor & LED screen

Product Specifications:-

  • Dimensions: 32cm (D) x 8.7cm (H)
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Features: UV lamp, mopping towel and vacuum
  • Cleaning modes: along the wall, straight line, spiral
  • Automatic charging base plate search and recharging
  • Up to 7 days cleaning time setting on charging base plate.
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Non-collision bumper with infrared sensors and stairs avoidance detector
  • Input Voltage: 100 – 240V
  • Output Voltage: 24DC
  • Battery Voltage: 14.4V Ni-MH Battery
  • Battery capacity:2200mAh
  • Charge time: 5 hours
  • Working time: 100 – 120 minutes
  • Unit average power: 15-31W
  • Dustbin capacity: 0.35L
  1. LCD Touch Screen.
  2. Non-collision Bumper with more infrared sensors protect the furniture and wall surface better.
  3. UV lamp for sterilization, kills most bacteria and viruses of the floors.  
  4. Big dust bin capacity (0.35 L).
  5. Stair Avoidance Detector.
  6. Powerful rechargeable battery.
  7. Remote Controller can operate the work in different directions.
  8. Up to 7-days cleaning time setting on the charging base plate.
  9. Mopping towel at bottom to do mopping while vacuuming.
  10. Three different cleaning mode: along the wall, straight line, spiral.
  11. Easily slide out the bag-less particle bin to discard the dirt that it picked up.
  12. Automatic Self-Recharging: the cleaner will automatically seek charging base plate when battery is going to finish.
  13. Infrared sensor at bumper head to redirect the rout before collision (1-2 cm).                   
  14. Easy to take out spare parts and replace, removable and washable rubbish box.                      
  15. Low noise compare with other models.

Package includes:

  • i-ROVA XR210E Red Color Robot Vacuum ( complete with battery and brushes )
  • 1 x Remote Controller 
  • 1 x Adaptor
  • 1 x Docking Station ( Charge station )
  • 1 x Moping pad
  • 1 x Side brush
  • 1 x  Operating manual
  1. 智能功能:按下开关便自动清扫房间,整个清洁过程无需人的监控。 
  2. 导航功能:自动规划清洁路线,全面清扫房间的每一个地方
  3. 自动回充:当机器电量快要用完时会自动寻找充电基座进行充电。
  4. 自动清扫:设定自动功能后,智能吸尘器在冲完电后自动继续工作
  5. 预约清扫:通过定时设置可以预约机器在当天某一时间开始工作             
  6. 防跌落功能:可以防止智能吸尘器从桌子或楼梯上跌落下来
  7. ​吸扫一体:将垃圾清扫干净之后进一步将灰尘吸入灰尘盒
  8. 超薄设计:机身高度仅9CM,实现各种家具底部清洁
  9. 虚拟墙:通过安放虚拟墙,防止智能吸尘器进入休息区或危险区,环境安静又安全
  10. 世界性专利的四重旋风毛刷,清洁效率高
  11. 任何材质的地面均可打扫:木地板、短毛地毯、大理石、瓷砖等。      



  • 木地板、地砖、大理石、短毛地毯、自动吸尘机都可以清洁
  • 遥控器采用红外遥控技术,控制范围远,不受撞碍阻隔,机器工作状态尽在掌握。
  • 在电池电量不足时,会根据信号自动寻找回充基站充满电。
  • 虚拟墙限定打扫区域:自动吸尘机在工作时会探测前方10CM处有无障碍物,如果有障碍物,则会减速调整方向避免发生碰撞
  • 机器前端采用红外防撞设计,使机器在遇到物体时进行方向调节,不会损伤家居。
  • 超高性价比,功能齐全,你想要的他都能实现
  • 智能机器人首选款,清扫干净,品质有保障
  • 一键式智能清扫,快捷方便

* Warranty 12 months on mechanism, 6 months for battery. 

Welcome to contact us if any further enquiry :)  HP : 017-2892567

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