Return Policy

Cancellation, Exchange, Return, and Refund
Buyers may cancel purchases at any time before the Product status is in "Processed / Bank Transfer Processed". Once the purchased Product is in " Processed / Bank Transfer Processed " status, cancellation will be subject to MyStore Member's approval and MyMore Member's Policies . Once Product is in "Shipped / Bank Transfer Shipped" status, such purchase will be subject to a return process in accordance with MyMore's Policies . In the event that there is any disagreement between the MyStore Members and MyMore regarding this matter, the Policies shall PREVAIL Buyers may request for the return, exchange or refund of the Product at any time within 7 (seven) business days from the date of receipt. With respect to a return-related matters, the relevant Regulations and Policies shall PREVAIL over the terms and conditions suggested by the MyStore Member. After receiving returns-exchange requests from buyers, MyMore will respond by expressing in writing approval to the Buyer and/or MyStore Members. Once MyMore approve the returns-exchange, MyStore Members must respond by followed up and proceed with the refunds / exchange.

Upon this request, MyMore's Customer Service center shall confirm the situation with the MyStore Members and proceeds towards carrying out suitable actions for refunds in accordance with applicable and specific Policies that are relevant except in the case where the MyStore Member wishes to dispute Buyer’s return of the Products and request for, refunds, or exchange. The buyer should sends the Product for returns to MyMore due to goods causing with notify MyMore, MyStore Members have to pick-up the Product up from MyMore. MyMore may permanently dispose the corresponding Product . Should there be any fault or any safety concerns with the Product, MyMore shall require the MyStore Members to recall its entire stock and to repair, exchange, refund, and all costs shall be borne by the MyStore Member. 

Returns costs shall be borne out by the party attributable to the returns request, such as:
1. Buyer, where the returns is due to his / her change of mind and
2. MyStore Member, where the returns is due to the defects in the Product, delivery delay by MyStore, and / or delivery of the wrong or different product.