Tales of Zestiria (PS4/R3)

Tales of Zestiria (PS4/R3)

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Tales of Zestiria (PS4/R3)

-Diversified and huge! You’ll discover vast environments throughout your adventure with the help of Seraphim.

-Advanced Battle System! Fusions between Sorey and seraphim bring about new strengths and incredible Artes.

-Plus there’s no more need for loading screens or transition as the battle scenes are now seamlessly integrated into the environments.

-Medieval Fantasy World! Tumble head first into Sorey's epic journey across beautiful landscapes with a companionable cast of character and beautiful animations realized by the famous animation studio, ufotable.

~The Tales series is coming to PlayStation 4 for the first time ever. We’re incredibly excited to confirm that you’ll be able to follow along Sorey’s journey as the Shepherd on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 from 16th October! Check out our European trailer below!

In Tales of Zestiria, the world is in peril. Peace turned to war and the landscape is forever corrupted. People call for a Shepherd to restore faith in humanity and transform the darkness into light. You answer the call as Sorey, a young man destined to unite both humans and the Seraphs, legendary beings that roam the earth invisible to mankind. His quest in this dangerous world will be aided by his friends and the people he will meet along the way: his childhood friend Mikleo, the princess knight Alisha, the merchant Rose, and many others.


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