Original Xiaomi 10400mAh Powerbank (Silver)

Original Xiaomi 10400mAh Powerbank (Silver)

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Original Xiaomi 10400mAh Powerbank (Silver)

Functional areas view

Put all buttons, lights, input/output interface on the top of the product, all operation can see clearly at a glance.

Compatible with the mainstream mobile phone and tablet can automatically adjust the output power

Xiaomi power bank can automatically adjust the output power according to be charging devices. Fully compatible with Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google even blackberry and other mobile phones and even Google tablet, also can charge the battery for part of the digital camera and handheld game. 

The circular arc edge

In accordance with human body engineering, compared with the edge and corners of the ordinary products, easier to one hand grip.

Anodic oxidation craft

Adopt anodic oxidation craft can consistent with iPad4 then can form hard protective layer in the surface, no fading, more wear-resisting and corrosion resistance.

Invisible button

A little concave buttons, not easy to see but you can find it via touch

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