o . f . f . Velvet Tulle Dress

o . f . f . Velvet Tulle Dress

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o . f . f . Velvet Tulle Dress

[ Velvet Tulle Dress ] . Our very own VELVET TULLE DRESS is made from the BEST QUALITY VELVET. It is super duper COMFY and most importantly, it fits ALL BODY TYPES. Doesn't matter whether you're skinny or a plus size, this dress will make you look like a beautiful white swan! Whole design ends with our very own SIGNATURE TULLE. It is SUPER FINE and LIGHT
WEIGHT, makes you look like you're floating in mid-air whenever you make a swirl or a turn. This is the best choice ever if you wanna look ELEGANT and STYLISH at the same time, and wear it to ANY OCCASION! And, we are pleased to say we only produce ONE piece for this design to make you an outstanding one!

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Product Name : Velvet Tulle Dress
Product Code : off01
Colour : White
Material : Velvet , Tulle
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