Children's Multifunction Learning Piano

Children's Multifunction Learning Piano

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Children's Multifunction Learning Piano

Product Highlights and Specification

·    Suitable Age: 6 months and above

·    Learning piano small insects above combination of finger action "twist, dial, pinch, pull, turn, grip," etc, to help the development of finger fine movements, around the same time stimulate baby brain potential, so that the baby's wisdom on the fingertip germination.

·    Learning piano contain multiple learning function, nursery rhymes, poetry, Three Character Classic which help enriching the baby's cognitive content.

·    Enlightenment finger learning piano surface have" insects" and "worms" 2 key part.

·    The insect key: flowers, snails, butterflies, ladybugs and lovely smile contain a variety of fine movements, sound & sweet voice that describes the scene in Midland, stimulate the language development of the baby.

·    There are two key modes: The first mode is for music files, toggle switch gears to a music file mode, the keys light will flash and accompanied by sound effects.

·    Press the lovely smile head, there are five music playback when press the "Do, Re, Mi, Fa" key tone. The second mode is a voice file, toggle switch gears to the voice files, the key lamp will flash and accompanied sound.

·    Press the lovely smile head to play two nursery rhymes; press "Do" to play two Tang Dynasty; press "Re", to play two stories; press "Mi" to play two song & press "Fa" to play "Three Character Classic."

·    Learning piano contain multiple functions which can stimulate the baby's hand flexibility, enriching baby's cognitive content, let the baby to learn from their fingertip.

·    Size: (18 x 12.5 x 5) cm

·    Product Material: ABS

·    Unit Weight: 0.34KG

·    Certificates Certificate: 3C

·    Battery Type: 3AA

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