【Mollifix】Slimming Suit (Black) [Double X牛仔肚 瞬縮定型連身塑身衣-黑]

【Mollifix】Slimming Suit (Black) [Double X牛仔肚 瞬縮定型連身塑身衣-黑]

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【Mollifix】Slimming Suit (Black) [Double X牛仔肚 瞬縮定型連身塑身衣-黑]

【Mollifix】Double X牛仔肚 瞬縮定型連身塑身衣


X1.波波上提托 X2.打擊牛仔肚
連身進化 加強大腿塑型
360度完美曲線 一件搞定!!

X1加強拖胸 X 牛仔肚雙倍收納 X 背肉推推網層 X 腰後舒適開口X 3D環繞提臀
Double X牛仔肚 瞬縮定型連身塑身衣

X1. Bobo on Tito X2. Blow belly denim 
coveralls strengthen thigh shaping the evolution of 
the perfect curve of a 360 !! get comfortable after opening the chest, strengthen drag cowboy belly meat pushing back double the storage network layer waist, 3D surround hip Double X denim coveralls belly instant girly stereotypes shrink belly denim coveralls and then evolve X-fifth the length of the design, modeling strengthen thigh, just a moment fleshy body hidden, creating an unexpected 360 Zero dead perfect curve !!



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