【Mollifix】Invisible Killer Slimming Suit (Black) [ 隱形杀手环绕连体塑身衣 (黑)]

【Mollifix】Invisible Killer Slimming Suit (Black) [ 隱形杀手环绕连体塑身衣 (黑)]

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【Mollifix】Invisible Killer Slimming Suit (Black) [ 隱形杀手环绕连体塑身衣 (黑)]

【Mollifix】Invisible Killer Slimming Suit 隱形杀手环绕连体塑身衣                                        

MOLLIFIX 塑造完美再進化,以智能型布料 SensitiveR與LYCRAR beauty 纖維拼接而成,

Beauty is not a given day life, but acquired shaping. Power of women is not rigidly adhere to love, but the pursuit of a more confident of their own freedom. MOLLIFIX perfect shape was evolved to intelligent fabric SensitiveR and LYCRAR beauty.The fabric will curve sculpture according to u body, long time bracing also zero burden and comfort ! Like invisible killer make the NG body curve OUT!



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