(IMPORTED)Xiaomi Mi Max 2 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM

(IMPORTED)Xiaomi Mi Max 2 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM

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(IMPORTED)Xiaomi Mi Max 2 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM

Mi Max 2

How odd it is to realize that in the era of the most advanced technology and electronics our devices are still dependent on the chargers. Many manufacturers ignore that fact and instead of making qualitative long-lasting products they offer us ultra-slim bodies, powerful processors, always improved cameras etc. We all appreciate that but we still do not want to charge our smartphones two or three times a day.

Xiaomi is saving us again. The company understands that a large capacity battery is something a modern user needs along with the rest of the high-end features. Mi Max 2 combines high-quality materials, a beautiful design, an innovative camera, a boisterous processor, a bright screen, and, most importantly, a huge 5300 mAh battery that allows to see you through the second day.

6.44-inch display to see things big

A fashion for big screens is timely. Daily we perform a lot of operations on our smartphone, thus a small display makes it difficult browse the internet, watch videos, tap accurately if you have bigger fingers. Until recently large screens were a privilege of flagships. Xiaomi and its mid-rangesmartphones are turning the trend around.

Mi Max 2 sports 6.44 inches on the diagonal and it will be hard to tell it apart from higher-end smartphones. Its FullHD screen, which uses premium IPS technology, is impressively bright, colorful and lets you enjoy excellent viewing angles. Watch movies, read books, play games in a 1080×1920 resolution.

5300 mAh battery that feels like a power bank

Mi Max can break records with its 5300 mAh battery, while still being very compact. Xiaomi engineers managed to squeeze such a meaty battery into a body only 7.9mm thick. And that is not the only mesmerizing thing in this department. Expect to see 10 days of playing your favorite music tracks, 57 hours of non-stop talking with your friends, 21 hours of navigation, 19 hours of reading, 18 hours of video playback and 9 hours of gaming. It is extraordinary how thin and how powerful it is!

Such a long-lasting operation is achieved due to energy-saving technology that permits to optimize the battery consumption and to extend the operating time. Mi Max 2 is perfect for those people who travel a lot or for those who would like it to survive a hard-core game you have planned for your journey home after leaving the office. Mi Max 2 also sports the latest fast charging technology that allows it to hit 68% within the first hour of charging.

All-metal design and one-handed use

Technical characteristics are important, but so are the looks of the smartphone, as interaction with your beloved device should bring only pleasure. Mi Max 2 is made out of a solid piece of metal that goes through polishing and sandblasting with microscopic beads to achieve a satin smooth texture. Then it is coated with a protective outer layer to keep it safe from scratches and corrosion. Along with this the thickness and weight of the device are kept to a minimum.

High-quality pictures as if made by Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi smartphones have always been famous for their ability to make great photos. And with a technical suss that Mi Max 2 has and the imagination that you have the final photos will get your friends on Facebook and Instagram talking. Each photograph will impress with sharpness and contrast and will be picturing a perfect panorama or a group selfie is a piece of cake.

The main camera of Mi Max 2 is a 12MP Sony IMX386 sensor with an enlarged pixel size of 1.25 microns, which is 25% more than what Mi Max had. Couple it with different options for low light shooting and you get the right camera to capture high-quality pictures at night.

An 85 degree wide-angle 5MP front camera lets you include many objects in the frame, so your friends do you need to fight for a place in a selfie shot. The built-in image correction function helps to smooth out flaws and adjust color in real time.

4GB of RAM and Snapdragon 625

One of the biggest draws of Xiaomi smartphones for a lot of people is their ease of use. Mi Max 2 boasts an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chip, clocking at 2.0GHz, and it can deal with whatever you throw at it. Mi Max 2 is really fast! With 4GB of RAM on board the smartphone is tearing through applications, multitasking, and loaded games easily. And if 64GB/128GB of flash memory is not enough to throw in all your media and apps you can expand it with a microSD card.

Unique split screen mode to watch videos and chat at the same time

The split-screen function allows to divide the screen into two sections and to keep an eye on two applications at the same time. You can compare item features in different stores, you can watch a movie and chat with your friend, you can read a book and make notes etc. Haven’t we all dreamed about it?

Powerful stereo speakers so that your ears were treated like kings

Mi Max 2 is your portable movie theater, music system, video camera and game console. Thus audio can enhance your en your entertainment experience or ruin it completely. Xiaomi experts together with sound connoisseurs did everything possible to achieve the most extraordinary sound you could ever hear. The smartphone sports screen tracking function that enables it to know when you are holding the smartphone in a landscape or a portrait orientation and to adjust the output from the speakers to ensure you have the best audio anytime and anywhere.

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