4 in 1 Facial Cleaning Set

4 in 1 Facial Cleaning Set

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4 in 1 Facial Cleaning Set

  • Cleaning the face to prepare for moisturising or nourishing
  • Exfoliate of dead skin to reveal a radiant, youthful skin
  • Timely supply of water and nutrition to skin to prevent raging
  • Removing hard cells under feet to elbow
  • Set in one of the four functions Four skin massage, with four different head with, more comprehensive, easier to use, stylish, compact, feel full, to create a new concept of beauty.

    1, "small frosted" with head: You can easily remove old skin elbow department or foot, the thick cocoon, aging skin, and promote skin regeneration, so delicate and smooth skin to reproduce in the feet, but also can be used to thick layer of nail polish.

    2, "massage" with a head: the built-in four balls in the rolling process, can be used for full-body massage, including the face, hand and foot massage, soothing nerves, gentle massage. (Apply a moisturizer or oil massage after better!)

    3, "latex beauty cotton" with head: Uk combination cleanser or face wash gel, cleansing facial skin. Will face wet, wipe cleanser, with this machine washing the face, not only to facilitate comfortable, but you can clean small pores in the dirt, while facial massage.

    4. "soft nylon brush" with head: combined bath gel, clean hands or feet skin of dirt, fine soft bristles, in feet, they can be easily washed fingers, nails and dirt, dust, delicate soft to the feet bathing enjoyment.




    1: Do not use dry, rough skin allergies and irritation do not use.

    2: When you use a brush to clean the skin, not too tight, when used in order to feel comfortable and appropriate.

    3: Periodically clean all accessories to ensure the best results, in order to prolong life.

    4: Do not let children touch accessories.

    5: After use, clean the machine and accessories, do not use alcohol, gasoline, frosted nature of cleaning agent to clean plastic.

    6: Keep accessories out of the water in the wash water temperature do not exceed 50° C

    7: clean, take out the parts to dry naturally.

    Note: If the machine is not used for a long time, remove the batteries out.

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