Natural Health Care Pillow

Natural Health Care Pillow

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Natural Health Care Pillow

(Bamboo Charcoal; Buckwheat; Tea Leaves ; Lavender)

Product Highlights and Specification

·         Bamboo Charcoal Pillow

  •   Bamboo Charcoal can absorb sweat, it is a deodorant and also antibacterial.
  •   The pillow is dry breathable, it helps to increase the blood circulation of brain, shoulders and neck .

·         Buckwheat Pillow

  •   Buckwheat hulls is soft and comfortable.
  •   It create a refreshing and cool feeling for the user's face, ears, neck, shoulder.
  •   Buckwheat can activate brain cells, regulating the nerves system, sedative, and improving sleeping.

·         Tea Leaves Pillow

  •   The natural aroma of tea leaves helps calm, relax, improve sleeping quality, sterilization, diminish inflammation, and deodorization.
  •   It also improve the cell cycle, lowering blood glucose, and cholesterol.

·         Lavender Pillow

  •   Lavender helps to relax , tranquilizing and allaying.
  •   Improve sleeping quality and reduce high blood pressure.
  •   Air fresheners which improve respiratory system.
  •   Reduce skin scar and anti-bacterial.

·         Jasmine Pillow

  •   Jasmine help to strengthen the immune system, anti-inflammatory and it also  a role of detoxification.
  •   Improve constipation and sleeping quality.
  •   It help recuperate chronic stomach problems and menstruation disorders.

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