Happy Dog Premium - NaturCroq Lamm & Reis 4KG

Happy Dog Premium - NaturCroq Lamm & Reis 4KG

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Happy Dog Premium - NaturCroq Lamm & Reis 4KG

NaturCroq Lamb & Rice dry food the balanced dry food that is gentle on the stomach with nutritious lamb, easily digestible rice and a low fat content.

It is therefore especially suitable for all sensitive dogs and for dogs with a light-coloured coat.


poultry meat meal, whole wheat, whole grain maize, wheat flour, maize flour, whole grain barley, lamb meat meal (7%), rice flour (7%), fish meal, poultry fat, beef fat, hydrolysed liver, beet slices, sunflower oil (0.8%), apple pomace (dried) (0.8%), yeast (dried), malt sprouts, rape seed oil (0.2%), sodium chloride, green oats (dried), sunflowers (dried), cress (dried), parsley (dried), (total green herbs: 0.3%) Digestible energy: 1,535 kJ/100 g
raw protein 22%
raw fat 9%
raw fibre 3%
raw ash 6.5%
Carbohydrates (NfE) 50.5%
calcium 1.4%
phosphorus 0.95%
sodium 0.25%
potassium 0.45%
omega-6 fatty acids 2%
omega-3 fatty acids 0.25%
Additional ingredients/kg:
Vitamins / kg: Trace elements / kg:
vitamin A 8000 I.E. iron 80 mg
vitamin D3 800 I.E. copper 8 mg
vitamin E 60 mg zinc 80 mg
vitamin B1 4 mg manganese 5 mg
vitamin B2 6 mg iodine 2 mg
vitamin B6 3 mg selenium 0.15 mg
vitamin B12 60µg
biotin 350 µg Antioxidants, high tocopherol
pantothenic acid 10 mg extracts of
niacin 45 mg natural origin

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