Glade Automatic Morning Freshness 269ml

Glade Automatic Morning Freshness 269ml

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Glade Automatic Morning Freshness 269ml

Product Description

Lasts Up To 60* Days, Quickly Fills The Room With Freshness, 3 In 1 (Fragrance, Eliminate Odors & Decorative)

Product Marketing

Glade Automatic Spray brings delightful fragrance week after week-automatically. Perfect for larger room of the home

Captures some of nature's most delicate and refreshing fragrances for your home, leaving it naturally fresh and perfumed. Feel a sense of peace as you transport to an oasis surrounded by the cool comfort of lush greenery

Box Contents

2 N AA Batteries, 1 N Automatic Spray Unit, 1 N Refill Canister 269ml/175g

Other Information

Try all our fragrances: Hawaiian Breeze, Ocean Escape, White Lilac, Clean Linen, Lavender & Vanilla


Isobutane, Propane, Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Acetone, Perfume 2.75%

Preparation and Storage

2 ways to spray

Boost button at the back
Press the button for an extra burst of fragrance anytime you want it

Set timer
Time settings: Choose 1 of 3 settings to select how often you would like your fragrance

How to hang
1. Insert screw* into the wall
2. Mount unit onto screws**
*Screw not included
**Adjust depth of screw to ensure unit fits snugly against wall

Please read the important safety instruction. Ensure time setting switch is in the OFF position. Remove and discard the cardboard shipping retainer. Pull and discard the red tab to activate the unit. Remove cap from refill and insert the can with the spray attachment facing out. Turn unit on by selecting your desired time setting, then close the unit. For an instant burst of Glade fragrance at any time, press the boost button at the back of the unit. If mounting on a wall, use both holes at the back of the unit to fix securely

Replacing Refill Can
Keep the unit away from your face at all times. Turn the automatic spray unit to the OFF position, and remove the empty can. Insert refill can with the spray attachment facing out. Turn the unit ON by selecting desired time setting. The first spray will come after a delay of several seconds

To Hang The Unit: Insert screws into the wall. Mount unit securely onto screws. If mounting of wall, use both holes at the back of the unit to fix securely

User Maintenance
Replacing Batteries: Press button at top of unit to open front cover. Turn the time setting to the OFF position. Remove refill to access batteries and replace with two new AA alkaline batteries. Replace refill, ensuring spray attachment is facing forward, and set to your desired time setting. Close cover

Store away from heat

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