GiantB Stingless Bee Honey

GiantB Stingless Bee Honey

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GiantB Stingless Bee Honey

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Stingless Bee Honey was named as Madu Kelulut in Malay and its well known in Malays communities, as it used to be the most comment wild honey in those rural area.
Kelulut honey is an unique honey which produce by a kind of bees- Stingless Bee officially known as Trigona Carbonaria. The honey it produce contain high nutrition and mineral. People use it as a natural antibiotic to increase immune system and antibody which is harmless and no side effect to our human body. Thus, it also suitable for High Blood Pressure and Diabetes patient as their nutritional supplement.
Taste: Kelulut Honey contain high moisture with sweet and sour taste.Package: 1 x Box =12 sachets/20gm

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