Diamond Anti-Bac Water Filter System  3101

Diamond Anti-Bac Water Filter System 3101

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Diamond Anti-Bac Water Filter System 3101

  • 100% safe
  • no rust, mud or impurities
  • no bacterial contamination
  • no bacterial growth
  • no more unpleasant residual chlorine taste
  • balanced mineral content 

Product details of Diamond Anti-Bac Water Filter System

- 100% safe
- No rust, mud or impurities
- No bacterial contamination
- No bacterial growth
- No more unpleasant residual chlorine taste
- Easy installation
- Balanced mineral content

Now , with a very competitive and economical price, you can get the best water quality!
Try the DIAMOND Anti-Bac !
  • Latest advanced nano-technology ,with enhanced system's bacteria removal function, and bacteria growth prevention,3 filters would be able to do the job!
  • simple and compact plus economical but the best.
  • DIY -easy installation - no installation cost.

Revolutionary 3-filters design producing an effective filtration system

  • Its ceramic filter is cleanable, safeguarding against contaminants and bacterial buid-up so that the whole system is more reliable and durable.
  • Its 3 filters are filled with various different filtration media. each medium filters out a particular contaminant, so all impurities are effectively taken care of!
  • Its 3 filters allow for more filtration media than conventional filters , so contaminants are filtered more thoroughly, thus increasing reliability.

3 staps to healthy water

  • Filter A  washable ceramic filter removes bacteria as silt and rust.plus nano technology to prevent bacteria growth.image

  • Filter B effectively removes heavy metals, organic & inorganic contaminants and chlorine, enhances mineral contents.image

  • Filter C anti-bacteria , removes unpleasant odors , smells & coloursimage


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