Final Fantasy Type 0 HD - (PS4/R3)

Final Fantasy Type 0 HD - (PS4/R3)

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Final Fantasy Type 0 HD - (PS4/R3)

~Specifications of Final Fantasy Type 0 HD - (PS4/R3)

What's in the box:
1 x Final Fantasy Type 0 HD - (PS4/R3),

~The Franchise
Console gaming is affiliated with beautiful games. Square Enix has developed amazing video games, and the Final Fantasy series is definitely their most notable creation. Developed to truly immerse the player into a world of their own, Final Fantasy has never been short of breathtaking, with amazing scenery, intense fight sequence, beautifully drafted storylines, and lovable characters that will have players cheering and supporting. From the humble beginnings, to next generation graphics, Final Fantasy is a video game everybody should try.
~Product details of Final Fantasy Type 0 HD - (PS4/R3)
Seek something different from those racing simulators or first person shooters. Take time to enjoy beautifully modeled characters, in a world so immersive and detailed. Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is one of the many, developed for the PlayStation 4. A different plot and different characters will have you coming back for more as you embark on a journey to fight against the Militesi Empire with the eidolons and the magical powers granted by the Vermilion Bird.

The Plot
Its year 842, the world is living on it is their final breath. Militesi Empire conquered the Dominion of Rubrum with their mighty army vehicles and personal. The skies were flooded with dreadnoughts and the grounds lit with chaos. The mythical Vermilion Bird granted magical powers to the special few, granting them the ability to even summon eidolons to safeguard the Dominion of Rubrum. Fourteen brave warriors embark on a journey to protect the very things they love.


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