125ml Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray

125ml Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray

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125ml Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray

125ml Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray


This product adopts the advanced formulation and modern technique in perfect combination, containing the hair protecting factor, having fresh color, fixing the hair style without hurting the hair quality, allowing the hair to change its color in few minutes. You can choose your favourite color to fit your dress, let the hair have moistened luster and your life be moue varied and graceful.


Before the use, keep the hair clean and fresh, shake the product well; it is better to spray the product on the dry hair at a distance of 20-30cm from the hair. Several color can be sprayed locally by the discretion of your creativity freely. Ordinary shampoo can be used for rinse.

Please choose your favourite colored hair spray here:

1) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Red

2) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Green

3) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Flowery Red

4) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Magenta

5) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - White

6) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Black

7) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Blue

8) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Purple Blue

9) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Coffee

10) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Orange Red

11) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Wine Red

12) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Gold Yellow

13) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Gold

14) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Pink

15) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Brown

16) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Flaxen

17) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Delicate Yellow

18) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Gold Glitter

19) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Seven Colorful

20) Butterfly Shadow Color Hair Spray - Silvery

Note: For Sabah & Sarawak customers, this item contains hazardous material which prohibited to ship by air freight and the only way to ship by sea freight only and it will takes 3-4 weeks to reach your doorstep, sorry for the inconvenience caused!

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